2017-01-05 / Sutton


Monday, Dec. 26
9:17 a.m., suspicious activity, Sutton Plaza
9:45 a.m., illegal dumping, Depot Street
10:50 a.m., traffic citation issued, Singletary
11:20 a.m., animal complaints, Smith Road
6:22 p.m., suspicious activity, Boston Road

Tuesday, Dec. 27
12:29 a.m., medical assist, Cote Lane
3:33 a.m., tree down, Uxbridge Road
7:11 a.m., tree down, Burnap Road
2:13 p.m., suspicious person, Boston Road
5:08 p.m., illegal dumping, Mendon Road
6:01 p.m., suspicious activity, Purgatory Road
9:59 p.m., suspicious activity, Blueberry
Meadow Drive
10:47 p.m., traffic citation issued, Central

Wednesday, Dec. 28
1:35 p.m., suspicious activity, Wheelock Road
1:47 p.m., vandalism, Central Turnpike
2:27 p.m., medical assist, Mumford Road
8:28 p.m., trespassing, Old Mill Road
10:27 p.m., traffic citation issued, Purgatory

Thursday, Dec. 29
5:14 a.m., animal complaints, Putnam Hill
10:33 a.m., medical assist, West Sutton Road

1:30 p.m., suspicious person, Second Street
3:08 p.m., medical assist, Putnam Hill Road
4 p.m., power outage, Heritage Road
4:25 p.m., suspicious activity, Boston Road
6:50 p.m., tree down, Mendon Road
8 p.m., accident with property damage, West
Sutton Road
11:34 p.m., power outage, Mendon Road

Friday, Dec. 30
1:19 a.m., power outage, Fuller Road
11:17 a.m., medical assist, Carr Street

Saturday, Dec. 31
4:09 a.m., suspicious activity, Putnam Hill
7:51 a.m., animal complaints, Worcester
Providence Turnpike
2:44 p.m., suspicious activity, Whitins Road
4:48 p.m., tree down, Depot Street
4:58 p.m., medical assist, Putnam Hill Road

Sunday, Jan. 1
6:05 p.m., youths in street, Providence Road

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