2017-01-05 / Sutton

Recycling partners

Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc., held a volunteer appreciation luncheon at Whittier Farms during the Sutton Chain of Lights event on Saturday, Dec. 3. Whittier Farms knew about the Styrofoam recycling awareness program BHC launched this summer and reached out to let them know they would be serving food and beverages in Styrofoam, but asked if they could work together to recycle it. The end result was seven large bags of Styrofoam diverted from the landfill and recycled at KWD in Uxbridge. They also composted all the food scraps. Instead of billing BHC for the lunches for the volunteers, Whittier Farms sent an invoice with a zero balance. BHC also did a “big check presentation” to showcase its $3,000 donation from Cabot’s Reward Volunteers program and CoBank. They chose to hold the event at Whittier Farms as it is the only Cabot farmer in the Blackstone Heritage Corridor. Shown are, from left in top photo: Suzanne Buchanan, volunteer coordinator at Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc., Bonnie Combs, marketing director at Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc., and Sam Whittier of Whittier Farms.

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